Greta Thunberg was a lone activist targeted for attacks in a year

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A year after starting a lone weather strike on Fridays in Stockholm, sitting on the floor with a poster, the Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, 16, mobilized millions of people for action against climate change, spoke at the opening of the UN climate summit in New York, and became the target of a defamatory campaign.

Right-wing politicians, climate skeptics, communicators, and even people who support the climate cause on social networks but raise suspicions about its influence and origin have been putting the young Swedish woman in the spotlight, especially in the last week.

Thunberg it was already kind of celebrity among thousands of young people by the world and environmentalists, but it came out of that bubble and attracted the world spotlight once and for all most important speech at a climate summit which also featured 63 speeches by heads of state.

You stole my childhood with your empty words”She said, visibly thrilled. "How dare you?"

Many of the criticisms were biased that Thunberg had Asperger's syndrome, a condition of autistic spectrum disorder.

An American TV channel retracted after a commentator described her as mentally ill. A Brazilian radio broadcaster was fired and said he was "past the point" after saying that Thunberg was hysterical and needed sex. USP meteorologist Ricardo Felicio, who denies global warming, said on a social network that Greta needed psychiatric treatment.

The federal deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro (PSL-SP) published on Wednesday (25) a social media montage showing the Swedish woman feeding on a train while seemingly poor children appeared in the vehicle window and accused her of being funded by tycoon George Soros. The deputy later admitted knowing that it was a montage.

The lies went far: Thunberg was accused of being linked to the Islamic State and of being the daughter of terrorists and Satanists. Even her braided look was compared to that of Nazi poster girls.

On social media, Thunberg defended himself by saying that his parents – opera singer Malena Ernman and actor and producer Svante Thunberg – are their only financiers and acting independently. “There is no one behind me except myself. (…) Sometimes I support and cooperate with climate and environmental NGOs, but I am absolutely independent. ”

He was also proud to talk about having Asperger's syndrome: “I have asperger and that means sometimes I'm a little different from the norm. And — under the right circumstances — being different is a superpower. ”

Neuropediatrician Clay Brites of the Neurosaber Institute says that those with Asperger tend to be overconcentrated on a subject that they find fascinating. Need for repetition and constancy are other characteristics of those with the syndrome. There is no cognitive impairment – on the contrary, school performance is usually optimal.

“She's introspective, but she gives straight answers,” says Brazilian environmentalist Paloma Costa, 27, who spoke alongside Greta Thunberg at the opening of the UN climate summit on Monday (23). Costa says she questioned the Swedish girl about what motivated her in her activism. "Why, the world is in a climate crisis," he said.

In August last year, he said it made no sense to go to school since there would be no future because of climate change. He exchanged school time for office hours in front of the Swedish Parliament, where he protested with a sign saying “school strike for the weather”.

Prior to that, Thunberg had won a Swedish newspaper essay contest in which he argued about the climate crisis. She was approached by leaders such as Bo Thorén of the Fossil Free Dalsland movement to discuss youth-led actions.

THE strike idea emerged in the talks, inspired by the movement of students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, who refused to go to school after gunfire left 17 dead.

Thunberg, however, says that he left the group and followed alone with the proposal.

Within a few months the movement was repeated by other youth groups. After the nuisance of parents and teachers, a truce was negotiated, and from September 8th onwards strikes began only on Fridays. There began the movement #FridaysForFuture (Fridays for the future), today organized in about 30 countries, including Brazil.

In October, a IPCC scientific report (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) would confirm with data the urgency of the climate crisis.

According to the UN panel of scientists, the world has just over a decade to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 45% (compared to 2010 levels) to prevent a rise in the planet's average temperature by more than 1.5 ° C. Ç.

The following month, Thunberg was already invited to address the UN climate summit in Poland.

Since then, she has been greeted and praised by celebrities, renowned environmentalists such as Jane Goodall (famous for her dedication to chimpanzees in Tanzania) and leaders like former US President Barack Obama, who said she is an example.

From current US President Donald Trump, Thunberg received a wry comment. He republished in his Twitter profile part of her speech at the UN climate summit that said people were suffering and ecosystems were collapsing. “She looks like a very happy young woman waiting for a bright and wonderful future,” said Trump.

In response, Thunberg copied the sentence into his profile description on the same social network.

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