Hot Mama! Katie Holmes Talks Positivity in Sexy Lingerie Shoot

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Hot Mama! Katie Holmes Talks Positivity in Sexy Lingerie Shoot

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Modern mother. Katie Holmes revealed her secret to being happy and optimistic while posing for a sensual lingerie photo shoot.

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"I laughed a lot with my friends," said Holmes, 41, Flaunt in its March 2020 edition, published on Wednesday, February 5, about its key to positivity. "I try to be aware when things are not going well, see the humor in it. That's because I tend to set my expectations high and it's never really what I thought, and that's funny. Don't we all do that?"

The former Dawson & # 39; s Creek student, who showcased her chic style in bold photos for the magazine article, has a unique way of seeing the world. "It's extravagant, but I hope it has some nice overall effect," she said.

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The stylish star admitted that she had to find a balance in her work and personal life – to be a good mother to 13-year-old daughter Suri, who she shares with ex-husband Tom Cruise – and to be a success with her. field.

“Our business is going in waves. So you are very, very busy for a few months and then you haven't worked for a few months, ”explained the Kennedys After Camelot star. “You have to keep yourself inspired. It can be a kind of disappointment if you are used to working and suddenly you are not. "

Holmes' optimistic personality and outlook is not always easy, but the Ohio native identifies himself as a positive thinker often, but "not always."

She admitted that there are some things she is looking forward to in the world today, such as climate change, economics and politics.

“The constant flow of information can be very absorbed. It can make you feel overwhelmed, ”explained the star of Pieces of April. “So I have to take a lot of breaks from that, because it can start to look very desperate. We all have to move on and keep working to improve the world and spread the word about hopeful and inspiring things. "

One of Holmes' most inspiring works of late is The Secret: Dare to Dream, from 2020, based on the self-help book The Secret.

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"I left with more hope," said the star of the film Don't be afraid of the dark, when filming the film. "It kind of reaffirmed the power to believe in yourself and your dreams, your goals and what you want."

She added: "What you are is valuable".

Scroll down to see the sexy and sophisticated look of the First Daughter actress, who screams confidence in her photo shoot on Flaunt.

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