How to increase my internet security?

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How to increase my internet security?

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The topic of internet security will never cease to matter. In fact it should only increase, as our lives are increasingly connected and unfortunately the action of hackers and cybercriminals will continue to exist. So how do I improve my online security to browse smoothly?

This can be done either with the help of tools or by paying more attention to certain signals. That is what we will explain in today's text.

How to increase my internet security?

Wi-Fi and VPN

One of the great ports of access for hackers to your computer and your connection is through Wi-Fi. So to increase your security on the internet it is vital that you pay attention to your wi-fi.

When configuring the router many people leave the access without a password or else put something obvious, like 1234. This is basically raising a sign that says “get in here and take whatever you want”.

The scam using Wi-Fi is one of the easiest and most popular. The hacker enters your network, creates a bank or social network page similar to the ones you access and expects you to put your personal data there. With this information, he simply accesses the real platforms and does what he wants.

So create a difficult password, preferably one that mixes letters, numbers and special characters. And don't go on suspicious wi-fi, like the ones offered in public places.

Another excellent measure to have more security on the internet is to hire a VPN. It is not easy to find VPNs that still work, so visit this page to find out more about the best active and free VPNs.

A VPN (acronym for Virtual Private Network) creates a layer of security in the data you provide each time you enter a website. This data, such as the IP and its location, can be used in a criminal manner and therefore it is important that they are safe.

How to increase my internet security?man holding notebook with app vpn creation Internet protocols for protection private network

One of the common uses of VPN is to disguise your IP, which allows you to change the city and even the country of internet access. That is why this tool is banned in countries like China, as it can be used as a tool to escape censorship of some pages.

For Brazilians there is no such problem, but the VPN can serve to access the catalog of services such as Netflix or watch sports games that are not broadcast here.

What is the SSL certificate and how vital is it to your internet security?

You may have noticed that some web pages have a padlock on the left side of the address, especially in browsers like Chrome. This means that the site is secure because it uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

It is a digital certificate that allows the data that you report to a website to be encrypted and thus more difficult to be stolen.

More and more websites use SSL because it started to be a parameter that Google uses to value websites and position them well in its search engine.

Ordinary websites do not necessarily need this certificate, but those that ask for personal data and especially those for online commerce need to have this security online.

After all, information is sensitive and a leak can be a headache for all parties involved.

So, if you want to make an online purchase, look for that lock or else notice if the address starts with an HTTP (not secure) or HTTPS (secure). Just shopping on HTTPS sites increases your internet security.

How to increase my internet security?

Emails, passwords and data

Most internet scams start with a user error. So staying smart is always a great way to prevent rather than cure.

Do not open suspicious emails, especially those that ask you to download a file or be redirected to a website. Large companies do not charge by email without first notifying them by other means – mail, cell phone.

If you are in doubt as to whether it is real or not, please contact the official channels before doing anything.

Another preventive measure is to create secure passwords. It is true that the number of sites, social networks and platforms that ask for passwords requires some repetitions, since having a different password for each place can drive you crazy.

But at least try to create some variations and make passwords that mix letters, numbers and characters. Avoid names, dates of birth and also use capital letters, interrogations, exclamations, tic-tac-toe and everything right on the keyboard. This will greatly increase your internet security.

Lastly, avoid handing over your data. Large technology companies value each piece of information given and unfortunately, many companies market this information, not always to honest buyers.

If you give your name, surname, cell phone number, ID, CPF and address to the wrong company, this can be used for criminal activities or intrusive advertising.

Before providing this information, make sure that the company is not going to use this data in a commercial way. Governments and independent entities are increasingly closing in on this immoral activity.

With the help of the aforementioned tools and some care, your internet security will increase a lot. Share this article with your friends and family so they have the same protection online.

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