I have a Galaxy S20: Do I need a DSRL camera?

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I have a Galaxy S20: Do I need a DSRL camera?

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For those who already own the brand new Samsung Galaxy S20 or are undecided between their purchase and a DSRL digital camera, we will try to help you to demystify whether digital cameras can now be replaced by a smartphone or not.

We already know all the specifications and hardware capabilities that the Galaxy S20 has, we also already know its qualities in terms of photography, but will it be enough to beat a DSRL? There is an iconic phrase that says "the best camera is the camera you have with you". This phrase has never been as true as it is today, with equipment on the market such as the Galaxy S20, and where more and more smartphone cameras start to be more versatile with each generation of equipment, and that raises the bar and the struggle of the smartphone vs DSRL.

In this case, take the Galaxy S20 as an example, with its 3 high resolution cameras, with a multitude of photography modes that the user can choose at any time, as well as the immense tools at his fingertips, making videos at 8K and 960fps in super slow-motion mode. And all of this in something compact and that simply fits in a pocket of pants.

It becomes very subjective whether or not the Galaxy S20 can replace a true digital camera. There are several scenarios here that elevate it above a regular digital camera, but on the other hand, a DSRL with a good pair of lenses does not give the Galaxy S20 any chance. Let's say that those who really like photography and dedicate themselves to it, either professionally or even as a hobby, nothing can compare to a DSRL no matter how much the smartphone brands evolve their cameras and put them in their equipment. However, for the average user who doesn't want to spend a lot of time dedicating himself to photography, let's say “purist”, then we have the equipment to beat on the Galaxy S20.

As for portability, we really have to say that a smartphone is much more portable than walking with a backpack loaded with lenses and more the body of the machine and that, every time we have a different scenario or we want to get something different from our photo, we have to take the lens out of the backpack, change the lens, etc … everything that anyone who dedicates himself body and soul to photography itself knows what we are talking about. We will not, for example, go to a restaurant for a dinner with friends or family with a backpack full of lenses and all the accessories that a DSRL has. Of course, in this type of scenario, there is nothing like taking the S20. We even have photo editing tools as well as video tools on the equipment itself. But if we are going to take a day to dedicate ourselves completely to photography, go to suitable places and we like it, if you are one of those who like to lie on the floor to get a different perspective of a photo, then in fact the investment in a DSRL is much more agreed

I have a Galaxy S20: Do I need a DSRL camera?

Regarding the quality of the photographs themselves, smartphones and the Galaxy S20 nowadays are able to take really impressive photographs even in low or almost no light environments. Results that sometimes with the naked eye are extremely difficult to distinguish from a DSRL camera. And Samsung is currently at the top when it comes to photographic quality. We also have the possibility on smartphones to share the photos we are taking immediately to social networks, friends, family, something that is not impossible at all in a DSRL camera but much more work and more complicated.

Even in terms of editing photos and videos, today we are able to carry out practically everything that can be done on a PC with the respective editing software. In a DSRL we have to get home or have access to a computer right away and only then can we do the complete editing of our photos.

When it comes to prices, when you buy a top smartphone like the Galaxy S20, you only have to invest once. And anyone who owns a DSRL knows that we are always buying and investing in lenses for different scenarios in addition to the initial investment of the machine body.

In conclusion, for those who add value to greater portability and do not have time to take photography as a hobby or professional level, then the Galaxy S20 is the best choice at the moment.

Whoever takes the real pleasure of taking a picture, who doesn't mind taking hours and hours using Lightroom on the PC to edit the photos, for those who don't mind changing lenses constantly whether to take a macro, or one taking a wide angle, so without a doubt that DSRL cameras are the best choice, but a choice that turns out not to be cheap at all.

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