Ibama Says Military Commands Refused to Support Inspection Actions

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Ibama's coordination of enforcement operations reported in an internal document that "military commandos" of the Armed Forces refused to support the agency's inspectors on at least three occasions in September, making it difficult to crack down on environmental crimes in Pará. and in Mato Grosso. Two of the actions were prevented by decision of CMN (Northern Military Command), based in Belém (PA), according to the Ibama document.

The document was released by the site "Congress In Focus" last Saturday (28) and "The Globe" this Sunday (29) and obtained by leaf. The letter was sent last 23rd by Cofis (Coordination of Surveillance Operations) to the general coordination of Environmental Inspection of Ibama, in Brasilia.

According to the document, on three occasions the Military Commands denied support when they learned that Ibama could destroy machines and equipment used in environmental crimes. The destruction is authorized by law, but is questioned by prospectors and loggers, and also by President Jair Bolsonaro (PSL-RJ), who in April said such actions would end in his government.

There were three occasions for the withdrawal of military support for Ibama, according to the environmental agency's document: on September 11, to crack down on illegal mining in the Trincheira Bacajá indigenous land, on September 15, for an action on the Upper Guamá River – which was carried out with the support of the Federal Police, and an action against miners along the BR-163 highway. In the latter case, according to the Ibama document, the military argued that "the operation could cause problems in view of ongoing negotiations with the prospectors and the recent blockade of BR-163".

The "negotiations" referred to in the document are the pressures of prospectors in the Moraes de Almeida region of Pará, on the federal government. In September, they were caught by Ibama inspectors destroying Crepori's national forest with illegal mining, so at least three backhoes were destroyed. This generated a political backlash from the prospectors, who locked the BR-163 highway. They were later received in audience at the Planalto Palace by various ministers, such as Onyx Lorenzoni (Casa Civil) and Ricardo Salles (Environment), and were promised the information that the government should find an answer to the miners' demand until next Wednesday (2).

The joint actions between Ibama, the Armed Forces and other federal agencies such as Federal Police and National Force were initiated by Planalto Palace after French President Emmanuel Macron drew attention, in a social network post, to the burning of the Legal Amazon. . The operation was named "Verde Brasil".

Wanted by leaf, the Ministry of the Environment, Ibama and the Ministry of Defense had not spoken until the closing of this text.

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