Immediate evacuation of migrant camps in Greece needed to contain coronavirus,…

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Immediate evacuation of migrant camps in Greece needed to contain coronavirus,...

The organization Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) called for the immediate evacuation of immigrant camps on the islands of Greece, arguing that conditions there provide "the perfect storm" for an outbreak of COVID-19.

A person at a camp in Lesbos has tested positive for the new coronavirus so far.

However, unhygienic and restricted living conditions mean that the virus can spread very quickly.
MSF regrets that there are no epidemic response plans.

"In some parts of the Moria camp, there is only one water tap for each 1,300 people and there is no soap available. Families of five or six need to sleep in spaces of no more than 3 m2," said the MSF medical coordinator in Greece. , Dr. Hilde Vochten. declared.

This makes it almost impossible for those who live there to follow the recommended measures, such as frequent hand washing and social distance.

There is no option but to live nearby

Nations around the world are banning large meetings, but the people in those fields have nowhere to go.

Dr. Vochten added that "it would be impossible to contain an outbreak" in camps in Lesbos, Kos and other islands.

MSF stated in its location on the Internet network on Thursday, the installation of migrants in these camps was "always irresponsible", warning that, in the event of an outbreak, this "was about to become criminal".

More than 42,000 people are staying in camps on five Greek islands, according to MSF.

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said at a cabinet meeting that the country's islands are already "burdened with public health problems" and should be "doubly protected".

He also promised to do "whatever it takes" to prevent the virus from reaching the islands.

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