Imminent release? The new AMD graphics cards are coming!

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Imminent release? The new AMD graphics cards are coming!

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The National Radio Agency of Korea (Korean RRA) has just listed new AMD graphics cards in its database, which historically means that the company is about to launch new products on the market.

After all, AMD has already confirmed that it will be talking about the new RDNA2 cards at the next Financial Analyst Day on March 5th. Which of course, should serve to compete with an imminent announcement by NVIDIA, which is also planning launch its new 7nm Ampere plates.

Imminent release? The new AMD graphics cards are coming!

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Therefore, the new entries D32310 and D30201 were listed on the 3rd and 19th of February, respectively. Which in turn points to a launch next month! After all, whenever new AMD Radeon cards appear in Korean RRA registrations, one month later we have their launch.

Now notice that in June we had the registration of two graphics cards (D16302 and D18206), a month later we had the arrival of the Navi RX 5700. Later, in December we had the registration of the D32501 card … In January we had the launch of the RX 5600 XT.

If you are still not convinced, in November 2019 we registered the D18902 card, resulting in the launch of the RX 5500 XT in December! That is, we have several proofs here that AMD is really about to launch something interesting in the graphics market.

Is it the Big Navi? Or like who says… ‘NVIDIA Killer’? Will it be in time to make a dent in the market? After all, the rival is already preparing the new RTX 3000 based on the Ampere architecture. Did NVIDIA anticipate the launch of its new products for fear of AMD? That would definitely be something extremely interesting!

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.


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