Instant PCs? We have made a big breakthrough in RAM!

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Instant PCs? We have made a big breakthrough in RAM!

Instant PCs? We have made a big breakthrough in RAM! – Although there are excellent machines around the world, with 16-core processors, 32GB of RAM, graphics cards capable of outstanding computing power, and SSDs capable of up to 5GB / s read speed… The truth is that we have not yet reached the point where a PC connects instantly!

Yes, if you want to connect, restart or simply recover your session on Windows 10, you will have to wait a few seconds / minutes until everything is ready and functional. (It may take an eternity if you have an older PC)

But do you know why all the waiting time? It's all thanks to the extreme dependence on RAM!

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So, although we have authentic super computers in our hands, we still have a lot to evolve!

And the truth is, there really is room for serious evolution… After all, a team of researchers at Lancaster University has just created a kind of Nonvolatile memory that could change the whole computing experience.

Welcome to the UK III-V memory!

Well, non-volatile memory is nothing new in the computer world… What really changes here is its speed. This type of memory is not only extremely fast (to the point of being able to replace the current RAM). It also consumes a fraction of the energy of the standard old man.

Ok… But why is this important?

First of all, you need to realize that DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory) is what you put in the DIMM slots on your motherboard, being commonly known as RAM memory. That said, if you have a Gaming PC, it is likely to have at least 16GB of memory full of RGB on top.

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However, you must be aware that RAM is incredibly faster than any other type of memory on the market. Yes… Even in comparison to the 5GB / s SSD I mentioned above.

However, this whole performance comes at a very heavy cost! As soon as there is no more energy in the memory circuit, all information is lost.

That's why many users love Windows 10 Sleep mode! It is possible to let some current flow through the RAM modules, in a simple 'Low Power' state, so that all information is not lost.

Similarly, we also have Hibernate mode, but here we have a transfer of the entire contents of the RAM to the HDD. Which is equivalent to some slowness in reading and writing all the information from one side to the other.

They are two worthy alternatives to avoid turning off the PC … But they are not perfect! (If by any chance you already put your PC in Sleep mode, and then you could not ‘wake up’ you know what I’m talking about.

This is what makes the UK III-V memory so interesting! The fact that it is a type of non-volatile memory means that the memory is always stored. That is, it offers the same speed as RAM, without its biggest defect! Incidentally, in addition to not having the giant disadvantage of traditional RAM, we must also point out that power consumption is about 1% of the current modules used in all desktop and portable PCs in the market.

In short, the PCs of the future can really be instant! At least at the time of boot, or recovery of sessions.

Besides, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.


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