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Intel Gen12 iGPU shows its potential in a new benchmark

by ace
Intel Gen12 iGPU shows its potential in a new benchmark

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As you may know, while Intel processors are suffering from the 10nm process failure, and AMD continues to party with the success of the Ryzen 3000… The microprocessor giant has been working on a new graphics architecture that will not only give rise to dedicated graphics cards (Intel Xe), but will also revolutionize the iGPUs that the manufacturer implements in its Intel Core processors.

After all, the Gen12 architecture is expected to be the biggest change in Intel's integrated graphics technologies in more than a decade.

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Intel Gen12: First benchmark of new integrated graphics cards hit the Internet

Therefore, one of the big news comes from the fact that each Execution Unit will be free to ensure that there is consistency between readings and writes in the registry. This work is now done by a new compiler, freeing up several processing cycles that will obviously be used to boost performance.

However, in addition to these complex architectural changes, Intel will also increase performance by increasing the number of Execution Units. Just as AMD and NVIDIA do year after year to launch new product ranges.


According to CompuBench, the Intel Gen12 iGPU comes with 96 execution units, instead of the 72 that the most powerful iGPU of the manufacturer has inside (Iris Pro P580). And of course, it's a far cry from the 24 execution units of the well-known UHD 630.

Thus, this new iGPU Gen 12 has been shown to be able to increase performance by 33% over the company's most powerful iGPU to date. And in fact, performance may increase even further with some improvements in micro code, frequency and drivers.

Is Intel about to revolutionize the world of computers with integrated graphics cards? Especially the world of Ultrabook notebooks, which rely solely on these chips to offer some graphics power to its user.

Besides, what do you think about all this? Share with us your opinion in the comments below.


The Intel Gen12 iGPU news shows its potential in a new benchmark first appeared on Leak.

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