Intel is investing to regain production throne and miniaturization

by ace

As you may know, Intel has been struggling with everything it can to get something out of its 10nm process. A technology that has been about to be canceled a handful of times, but apparently is likely to hit the market by 2020, in the form of the first dedicated Intel Xe graphics cards.

However, while Intel is struggling… AMD is making a huge success with the 7nm process! By the way, all products launched so far based on this technology have been quite successful, where we can even include the RX 5700 and 5700 XT graphics cards. (Of course, with a much greater emphasis on Ryzen 3000 processors)

Intel is investing huge amounts of money to regain the throne of manufacturing technologies

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So, as it should come as no surprise… Intel doesn't want to be in this position forever. That is, you do not want to see a company that is almost failing, ahead of you in the technologies of microprocessor production. So it is time to invest strong and ugly to regain the throne.

In short, Intel announced at the last shareholders' conference that revenues were over $ 19 billion! This, even though the 10nm has not yet begun to reach the mass market. So, the current plan is to increase the production level of the 10nm lines, to later bet everything on 7nm by 2021. It will be from here, that we will start to see a big fight between AMD and Intel, to know who is that truly has the technological mastery.

In the meantime, it seems that AMD has its planning done, and that the development of the next architectures is going very well. In fact, Intel's rival already has his eyes on 5nm. Still, it looks like Intel 'poor thing' is ending … That is, we're about to see a new Intel vs AMD war on the horizon! And good! We only have to gain from these two strong giants exchanging punches with each other.

Intel is investing to regain the throne of production and miniaturization – Besides, what do you think about all this? Share with us your opinion in the comments below.




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