Intel will continue in crisis… So it's time for AMD to shine!

by ace

AMD is finally succeeding in a decades-long war against the super giant and its rival Intel. After all, since 2017, Ryzen processors have been a stumbling block for the blue-chip company. And as you may know, things haven't improved much lately with the arrival of 7nm process based products.

However, Intel is stuck in the 14nm +++ process, or 14nm +++++++… In the background, nobody knows how many ‘+’ define the failure of the company's 10nm switchover.

Intel is going through a bad time! Now is the time for AMD to grow and become a real rival.

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Therefore, Intel's crisis will get worse before it starts to improve. In fact, if you don't know, the company's production difficulties have not improved much since the last announcement made in April. However, the company is pretty quiet, almost as to see if the market forgets these problems that had serious impacts on several of the major notebook manufacturers, such as HP or Lenovo.

Intel's production difficulties have not been eliminated, and apparently will get even worse in the coming months.

This is all according to Alex Cho (president of HP Personal System business), who has made public talk about Intel's processor supply issues… Saying it's a really big problem that unfortunately doesn't just affect CPUs.

After all, if the problem was just in production, it's likely that a giant like Intel would have figured it out. So if the problem is in the architecture of the processors themselves, then there is nothing to do. In the end, major changes in architecture are needed, and this will not happen until we move on to a new production process.

And since Intel is not in the mood to launch 10nm Desktop processors, betting on the process only and only for mobile and IoT products… It means that the subject will still drag a little further.

This is undoubtedly the right time for AMD to make 'Ryze' at its level of competitiveness. With your Ryzen of course you are.

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