iPhone XR tops Apple's top seller

by ace

At Apple's top seller we find the iPhone XR leading the way. This is indeed surprising news given that the iPhone 11 is on the run but does not win.

The iPhone 11 had very good sales in the first weeks, however, the iPhone XR remains in the sales lead.

According to the Consumer Intelligence Research (CIRP) study, iPhone XR sales account for 36 percent of all sales, while iPhone 11 is at 20 percent. While both retain the Liquid Retina Display, 6.1-inch LCD screen and more prominent front edges, these two devices have many differences. The XR is blue and coral while the 11 is green and purple, among many others that now add to the very different number of sales.

These data refer to the period ending September 28 this year and covering the fiscal quarter from July to September.

There are many distinctive features of this model. But it seems that the price may justify these sales figures. This is one of the discontinued iPhones that only sells while stocks last. The iPhones XS and Max are other models that will not have continuity.

The iPhone XR was one of those that went down in price, which may also contribute to the percentage of sales.

But the XR at the sales level doesn't just stand out inside Apple. This model has surpassed the Galaxy A10 and the Galaxy A50. The iPhone XR sold double the Galaxy A10. One in three sales in the United States concerns the iPhone XR.

At a time of war between the United States and China and when the iPhone was made outside China, this is one of the models that also came out of China. According to The Wall Street Journal this device began to be manufactured in India.




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