Is this sneaker pink or gray? Will Smith, Lizzo, and other celebrities re-spark…

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Is this shoe pink or gray? Will Smith, Lizzo, and other celebrities resume viral debate originally appeared on

If you remember the big dress debate, you may be familiar with Vans viral sneakers that continue to share the internet.

Will Smith posted a video on Instagram Sunday asking in your caption: "What colors do you see ??"

"There's no right answer, but it's definitely not pink," he says in the clip.

Fans immediately began to weigh with different thoughts about the color of Vans Old Skool sneakers.

"It's gray and teal, if you see anything else, you'll need to get help," he said. Tyler cole in response to the post.

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Jay Shetty also gave his opinion: "Pink and white. This is the new blue / gold dress, haha".

Popstar, Lizzo, also posted about the shoe debate saying, "I see gray and teal, but all my staff see pink and white help."

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Many, including Lizzo, are sharing photos with sneakers stating: "Dominant right and left brain, if your right brain is dominant, we will see pink and white color combination, and if your left brain is dominant, you will see it in gray and green ".

This "pink or gray" sneaker originally made headlines in 2017, but has resurfaced and many people have been confused again.

So what is your opinion? Pink or teal?

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