Jaclyn Hill Is Finally Ready to Re-Launch Her Brand

by ace

Jaclyn Hill. Courtesy of Jaclyn Hill / Instagram

Jaclyn Hill is ready for a comeback and most of her fans too.

The YouTube star will relaunch its namesake cosmetics line on November 26, after being remembered earlier this year after a disastrous launch.

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"The future is bright," wrote the company Jaclyn Cosmetics in an Instagram post on Monday, November 11th.

For a small update: In May, vlogger launched its first collection, So Rich Lipstick, which shortly after its release caused complete chaos in the beauty community. Although lippies were upgraded to 20 nude luxury shades, many customers claimed they were unusable, unhealthy and unsafe.

Twitter exploded quickly with photos of products people received. Some said they found hair pieces and metal fragments in the formula, while others said their bullets had developed some kind of mold.

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The brand eventually returned people, while Hill deleted all of her social media accounts before reactivating in July. She apologized for all of this in a YouTube video titled "Where I've Been," explaining that the team she worked with was not big enough to handle QA and review all products.

Now, seven months later, Hill is bringing back a new makeup collection later this month. It is unclear what kind of products will be available as the video has only one bright "J" label.

Although some fans suspected the ad, with one commenting on the Instagram post: "Is it hairy too?" Others seem to be very supportive of the venture.

"I'm ready, but my bank is not," one person wrote, while another commented, "Everyone deserves another chance, so let's try not to be complete idiots and let Miss Jaclyn do what she does!" Excited to see what comes next! "

Then there are those who land somewhere in the middle. "Cautiously optimistic," as one commentator wrote.



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