Jamie Carragher picks his top five Liverpool centre-backs – but doesn’t include…

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Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher doesn't rank among the best quarterbacks of the Premier League era.

Carragher played for Reds from 1996 to 2013 after graduating from the youth academy.

At 6 feet tall, it was smaller than most of the central halves, but eventually became one of the most revered in the country.

He won the Champions League, UEFA Cup, FA Cup and League Cup with Liverpool but the Premier League title eluded the defender.

Although widely regarded as one of the club's best defenders after the brilliant teams of the 1970s and 1980s, Carragher has a humble vision of his capabilities.

The Sky Sports expert showed the same during a discussion on Twitter on Monday afternoon.

Responding to a post asking fans to rate their top five Liverpool Premier League quarterbacks, Carragher replied, "VVD, Sami, Agger, Henchoz, Matip!"

Carragher did not hide the adoration of Virgil van Dijk, who was named UEFA Player of the Year by leading Liverpool in the 2018/19 Champions League.

Prior to this June triumph, Carragher said, "I think you need some medals to be able to say [he's the best in the world].

“But right now, is there a quarterback in the world playing better than Virgil van Dijk is playing now? If so, I didn't see him. "

Sami Hyypia has been Carragher's partner in the center of defense for 10 years, the Finn complimenting his partner's aggressive style with an excellent sense of position.

Daniel Agger was cut from a sharper cloth than his Scandinavian friend and nearly won a first division medal in the 2013/14 season after Carragher retired.

Stephane Henchoz was a regular Reds player after joining Blackburn and Carragher played alongside the Swiss under Gerard Houllier.

Joel Matip skyrocketed Carragher's estimates after forming a strong partnership with Van Dijk and, with a Champions League medal in his name, completes the list.



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