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Kenny Chesney: Songs for the Saints

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Kenny Chesney Songs for the Saints

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    Kenny Chesney: Songs for the Saints

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    Truly the Don McLean poet of the Virgin Islands. Genius. Best album since Songs from an Old Blue Chair. All proceeds go to rebuilding the US Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands ravaged by hurricane Irma. Escapism is personified in Kenny Chesney. My respect for him as an artist grows more and more.

    This is the perfect summer relaxation album. Such a refreshing and different genre of songwriting. I implore all fans in the No Shoes Nation to get this. Every song is intriguing and satisfying.

    Do yourself a favor and get this and enjoy relaxation art and escapism at its best. Kudos to Kenny in his latest landmark endeavor!! Robinson Crusoe tunes on a beautiful summer day.

    I love every song on this new album by Kenny Chesney. The title track is the best. It is a song that makes me feel empowered I am not a religious person but is great to know there are people out there looking out for me.

    Kenny Chesney Songs for the Saints

    I love the duet “Love For Love City” with Ziggy Marley. It is always enjoyable when two singers for different genres of music collaborate. “Love For Love City” is” truly a song about peace.

    “Get Along” is another song that promotes peace. I never get tired of songs that make me feel better. “Trying To Reason With Hurricane Season” is an interesting song title. This song is about the need to get away from it all after a stressful hurricane season. It has been years since I have heard Jimmy Buffett sing anything new, and he sounds great.

    I really relate to the lyrics of the song “Better Boat” because I understand the loneliness and frustration of being single. The song “Island Rain” is beautifully poetic. Kenny Chesney makes me believe that rain can wash away my pain and worry even though it is just temporary.

    Kenny creates a sense of adventure and romance with the tunes “Gulf Moon” and “Ends of The Earth”. “Every Heart” is another gem of a song. Kenny reminds me that everyone is trying to survive in this world with the song “Every Heart”. This is Kenny Chesney’s best album to date because the songs are lyrically and melodically beautiful.

    Editorial Reviews

    In every artist’s career, certain albums stand out as a significant piece of their soul. For Kenny Chesney, Songs for the Saints is that album. Co-produced with Buddy Cannon, the 12 tracks mark a deep dive into “the places that save you.”

    So much has happened since I went off the road in 2016,” Chesney explains. “And all of it, in one way or another, has ended up on this record. It’s special to me because of what it says – to me, and for me – about life, the world around us, how fragile it all can be and about somehow still finding the best parts of you, and moving towards them.”

    Due July 27, Songs for the Saints marks the 8-time Entertainer of the Year’s first album on Blue Chair/Warner Bros. Nashville. In many ways, this new home for his work mirrors the things that inspired this album.“Leaving a place where I’d spent my whole career was both scary and exciting,” Chesney concedes.

    “There’s that rush of not knowing anything about how this company works and digging in. But there’s also a special thrill of being around people who truly understand what you’re doing and who are excited to be part of this music. It’s inspiring in all new ways when you have people match your own passion for the music.”

    Recorded over the last several months, Chesney had a notion about what his record was going to be long before it galvanized into songs for the Saints.

    “I was at a turning point in my life on so many levels, and then Hurricane Irma hit the Virgin Islands.”

    But this album isn’t about St. John, so much as it’s about what happened to. John and all those islands you didn’t see on the news,” continues the man called “The People’s Superstar” by The Los Angeles Times.“To just see the devastation and what that does to people is one thing, but then there’s this courage and resilience people find…”

    This is not a literal record,” he cautions, “but it is an album about the refuges we all have, how temporary life is and the way we navigate to better places, dig in and face the destruction.

    Kenny Chesney: Songs for the Saints

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