Large amount of oil reaches the northern coast of Ilhéus, Bahia

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Beaches on the northern coast of Ilhéus (310 km from Salvador) were hit by large oil stains on the morning of this Friday (25).

The oil reached a region 7.5 kilometers north of central Ilhéus, in an area near the Nossa Senhora farm. The region is known for being one of the most preserved and secluded stretches of the city's coastline, surrounded by rainforest areas and cocoa farms.

The fact marks the arrival of large oil slicks in southern Bahia. Last Saturday (19), The material had already appeared in Ilhéus and Itacaré, but only in the form of small pellets and in small quantities.

The material that arrived this Friday has already been collected from the beaches in a task force that brought together officials from the city hall, the Fire Department, the Brazilian Navy and groups of volunteers.

The city still does not know how to estimate how much oil was removed, but reports that it was a large amount.

“Until yesterday, we had collected just over one kilogram of oil on the coast. So much oil today we need a wheel loader to remove it. Fortunately, we managed to clean everything up, ”says Ilhéus Deputy Mayor José Nazal (Rede).

With about 160,000 inhabitants, Ilhéus is one of Bahia's main tourist destinations and is known for its beaches and cocoa farms and chocolate factories. It became known as the setting for books by the Bahian writer Jorge Amado.

This is the second record of large amounts of oil on beaches south of Salvador. This Tuesday (22), large spots hit the resort of Morro de Sao Paulo, in Cairu (176 km from Salvador). In all, 1.5 tons of oil were removed from the beaches of the municipality.

Until Thursday (24), Ibama (Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Resources) recorded oil slicks in at least 233 locations in 88 municipalities of the nine northeastern states.

In the last two weeks, the arrival of oil has been concentrated in the coastlines of Bahia, Sergipe, Alagoas and Pernambuco.

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