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Large oil slick is removed from the sea before reaching Pernambuco beach

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Large oil slick is removed from the sea before reaching Pernambuco beach

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An oil slick Three meters in diameter was sighted offshore between the coast of Alagoas and Pernambuco during a helicopter overflight carried out by environmental agencies on the morning of Thursday (17).

The Pernambuco government detected that the material was moving to the state and managed to collect much of the oil before the material reached the sand of São José da Coroa Grande beach, south coast of Pernambuco.

An emergency plan with containment buoys installation has been activated. Just over a ton of oil was collected at sea.

The affected area is part of the Costa dos Corais environmental preservation area. The beaches of Pernambuco were polluted by the material in early September. Since then, there were no new registrations in the state.

The Pernambuco governor, Paulo Câmara (PSB), said it is essential that the federal government find out the source of the problem so that new contamination does not happen again.

“The strategy put together has had good results. We were able to locate most of the stains before they reached the sand strip and a little over a ton of material was collected, ”he explained.

This Wednesday (16), a large spot reached Japaratinga, north coast of Alagoas.

The material also affected the city of Porto de Pedras. On site there is a project to protect some manatee species.

On the morning of Thursday, the oil hit the beaches of Ondina and the Farol da Barra region in Salvador, on the edge of the entrance to Todos-os-Santos Bay.

Small pellets of the material were identified in the two beaches, which are in regions of great tourist interest and near one of the main circuits of Carnival.

Throughout the Northeast, there are at least 178 locations and 72 municipalities in nine affected states.

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