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(Leak) Is this the final design for PlayStation 5 !?

by ace
(Leak) Is this the final design for PlayStation 5 !?

The PlayStation 5 theme is undoubtedly an authentic mountain of 'hype', with many players waiting for what Sony has to offer for the new generation of consoles.

Something that has only gotten more chaotic, due to the fact that the revelation event was apparently delayed by some complications! (With the Coronavirus in the mix, of course!)

However, a new image has just arrived on the Internet, which seems to reveal the design that Sony chose for its console … In fact, it seems that the design is already an old acquaintance of ours.

Is this the final design of the PlayStation 5 !?

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Well, the PS5 DevKit design is already well known to all fans of the PlayStation world! After all, there have been many ‘leaks’ to show what Sony has sent to all studios around the world.

However, truth be told, the final product almost never resembles the development kit! Something that apparently may not be quite true with the new PlayStation 5.

At the end of the day, a new image has just appeared which is supposedly from the Japanese Sony PlayStation website. Where of course, we can see a ‘PS5’ sub-menu with a very familiar design… The ‘V’ design of the console’s DevKit!

Unfortunately, it is still not possible to be sure whether the leak is genuine or not. And in fact, I'm not seeing Sony taking such a risk in design, when Xbox seems to have taken a much safer route.

Still, in a console war that must be quite different from anything we've seen so far. Maybe it's a good idea to change things up a bit… Starting with the product design itself!

If you don't know, ‘V’ means 5 in Roman numerals. In addition, several rumors at the beginning of last year mentioned that the V would also be ‘Virtual’. So it is possible that Sony will try to take this original idea, to launch a product really different from everything we can find on the shelves.

(Leak) Is this the final design for PlayStation 5 !? – Besides, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.


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