(Leak) PSVR2 for PlayStation 5 just hit the Internet

by ace

After Sony announced the trade name of its new PlayStation 5 console as well as its release date… It looks like the doors of the dam that held all the information about the console opened! It's leaks everywhere!

This time, let's talk about a patent that the reputed website LetsGoDigital found, which may well be talking about Sony's upcoming virtual reality helmet, the PSVR2 for the PlayStation 5.

  • PlayStation 5 may not be compatible with all PS4 games…

The new PSVR2 virtual reality helmet will bring a lot of news to the next generation of Sony (PS5) consoles

Therefore, in the patent images we can see a very familiar helmet. After all, it is very similar to the current PSVR… However, there are some key differences! First we have 4 cameras in all, two front, one back, and one on the PlayStation Move controller. In addition, we will still be able to find a microphone as well as some LEDs to track player movement.

Interestingly, there will even be a separate camera to improve motion tracking. But it is not yet clear whether it will be a mandatory peripheral, or if it will be sold separately.

Needless to say, since the time PSVR hit the market (~ 3 years), the world of virtual reality helmets has evolved a lot. Therefore, it is very likely that the new model will bring features that today are almost mandatory in this market.

The Sony PSVR2 could be completely Wireless! Still bringing a Transparent mode !?

The famous 'leaks' site also says Sony is trying to make its helmet wireless for worry-free gameplay thanks to a Bluetooth connection as well as a battery capable of offering a few hours of gameplay.

In addition, Sony also mentions a 'Transparent Mode' in the PSVR2 patent. Which in our opinion suggests that the user will be able to see what's going on around them, probably for some augmented reality features.

Finally, it remains to be seen if this peripheral will come out at the same time as the PS5, or if it will come out later as its predecessor.

Besides, what do you think about all this? Share with us your opinion in the comments below.


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