Lucy Hale’s ‘Most Painful’ Tattoo Might Surprise You

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Lucy Hale’s ‘Most Painful' Tattoo Might Surprise You

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Lucy Hale. Stewart Cook / Shutterstock

Lucy Hale loves her tattoos! The 30-year-old actress has amassed 13 projects in the past 11 years – and there is one that was more painful than the rest.

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In 10 minutes Youtube video Pretty Little Liars student with Wired Magazine answered some of the Internet's most searched questions about her, one of which was, "What does Lucy Hale's tattoo say?"

Obviously, the answer was more complete than the Internet user thought, as she has an impressive line of designs.

To answer the question, the Memphis native briefly accompanied viewers for their different tattoos, including (but not limited to) a small sun tattoo on the upper back, a Bible verse on the right side of the rib cage and a bad -looked on the back of the right ankle.

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But the one that hurt the most was an "A" tattoo that she put on her finger alongside her Pretty Little Liars castmates, Shay Mitchell, Ashley Benson, Janel Parrish, Sasha Pieterse and Troian Bellisario.

Lucy Hale reveals her most painful tattooThe tattoo on Lucy's right index finger. MediaPunch / Shutterstock

"All the girls went and put our initial character on the" shh "finger," explained Hale in the video. "In fact, it hurt more because it's in the bone."

The cast went and put the tattoos together at the Shamrock Social Club in West Hollywood after filming the show's final episode in 2016.

Hale got his first tattoo in 2009, from the famous tattoo artist Dr. Woo. The Los Angeles artist painted a delicate arch on the back of the neck.

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And his most recent tattoo was completed by the same artist, adding a new design to his right arm. Dr. Woo shared an black and white photo from Instagram of the fresh ink on April 27, 2019 and with the caption: "♊️ @lucyhale ♊️ Gemini 4 evaaa #hideawayatsuitex #slimneedle."

She took the paint just over a month before her 30th birthday. How's that for a super cool birthday present?

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