Man City boss Pep Guardiola fumes over Premier League schedule – ‘They don’t…

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City will be asked to play twice in 46 hours with Wolves on December 27 and Sheffield United on 29 and then in their third game against Everton on January 1.

It's a race where they complete three matches in 117 hours – the most exhausting match their team has faced in their four years in charge.

Although the City manager insisted that he was not claiming that this gave Liverpool an unfair advantage, he believes his players will be asked to perform the injury gauntlet in order to get excited about matches.

"That's what it is. Since I came here every season, the same thing has happened – broadcasters are the bosses in this situation," he said. "It's not a problem for me (but) people don't care about the players.

"I'll send my players to the fridge. I'm not kidding – go home, open the fridge and come in for 48 hours." See you at Etihad Stadium.

"I accept. I'm always worried about my players. It's a deal, but people don't care about the players."

Last season City were invited to play three Christmas games spread over 197 hours between Boxing Day and January 3, when their victory over Liverpool rekindled the title fight.

This time, they will have the task of completing three games from December 27 and New Year's Day within 117 hours.

"I'm sure we had fewer days between games last season than Liverpool most of the time," said Guardiola. "We said nothing and we won the Premier League.

"But in four seasons here, I've never suggested that people favor one side or the other. In another part of the season, maybe this season or next, we'll have more days."

A more immediate concern for Guardiola is an eight point difference at the top of the table between the team and Liverpool, a point difference that City will try to reduce to five tonight at Crystal Palace.

Guardiola admitted that it will not be an easy task against a well-organized team.

But he should welcome Kevin de Bruyne back after losing defeat against Wolves and John Stones, who has been out for a month with a thigh injury.

Stones's return will free Fernandinho to play his more familiar role in midfield after retiring at the center of the defense.

He said: "Since Roy Hodgson took office three years ago when he had zero points, he has helped them avoid relegation and has had a very good season.

"They have amazing players, physical and experienced guys in the middle and the front."



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