Manhattan DA asks judge to toss Trump bid to keep tax returns secret

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Manhattan prosecutors want a judge to reject Proposal by President Donald Trump prevent them from examining their personal and corporate tax returns.

Manhattan Office Mrs. Cyrus Vancetried Trump's counters for returns late last month as part of a Trump Organization criminal investigation into cash payments made to two women who had alleged cases with the president. Trump denied the affairs.

Trump's lawyers have filed a lawsuit in federal court to block the request, arguing in part that Vance is not entitled to returns and that "(v) all legal commentators agree & # 39; that an acting president of the United States does not is subject to criminal prosecution "while he is in office".

In its suit on Monday, Vance's office said the argument "has no merit" and should be dismissed.

Trump's claims "are based on the remarkable proposition that an incumbent president enjoys not only general immunity from criminal prosecution, but (1) that this general immunity also protects a president from having to respond to any routine request. the grand jury to obtain information about their conduct or business or employees prior to taking office, (2) that general immunity also extends to any person or entity who happened to be associated or employed by the President prior to taking office. and (3) that this immunity blanket also prevents third parties from providing information to the grand jury about such conduct or past transactions involving the president, his companies or former employees, "the document says.

"The law does not offer such wide immunity," prosecutors said.

They also argued that the case should be discussed because it is a state case, not a federal one, and that the argument of Trump's lawyers that he would be "irreparably harmed" by the transfer is without merit.

Trump, according to the document, is "seeking to invent and apply a new" presidential tax filing privilege "on the theory that disclosing information on a tax filing will necessarily reveal information that will in some way prevent the operation of a president sufficiently to meet the president's requirements. irreparable damage testing. "

They noted that they want the returns for their research, not to make them public.

The scope of the D.A. probe is unclear. Prosecutors asked for 8 years of tax returns, which preceded payments to porn star Stormy Daniels and Playboy model Karen McDougal.

One of the D.A documents notes that the investigation targets "New York conduct" and "has not yet been completed on specific charges or defendants." This section is followed by two pages that were edited in the public archive.

To date, the records say the Trump Organization has provided 3376 pages responsive to D.A.'s subpoenas and investigations into hidden cash payments, but no tax records.

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