Marine Le Pen: EU has more to lose on Brexit, but I don’t want Frexit

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Marine Le Pen: EU has more to lose on Brexit, but I don't want Frexit

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French far-right leader Marine Le Pen says the EU faces greater consequences than Britain from the Brexit "big bang" – but she does not want France to leave the bloc.

Her plan to turn the EU into an alliance of nations must be adopted or "other countries will leave," she told Euronews.

Le Pen has already been in favor of France leaving the EU. Her National Rally – formerly the National Front – used to support Frexit and she even promised a referendum for British-style membership.

However, his position changed amid a new brand for his party after the loss of the 2017 presidential elections to Emmanuel Macron.

Europe is a "prison"

Instead, the Rassemlement National wants to recreate the EU as an "alliance of nations". Le Pen says he believes that the EU's far-right politicians now have the power to "radically change" Europe.

"Perhaps Britain can join us after we build something in which each nation retains its freedom," she said.

She still considers Europe a "prison", even if a founding member may abandon it.

"Brexit still took three years … there was a real contempt for the people of European Union leaders who were barely hiding wanting to make divorce as difficult as possible," she said.


Le Pen added that actions by other nations – including efforts by U.S. President Donald Trump to impose tariffs on some products – prove that protectionism is the way forward economically.

"Today, we realize that yes, we will have to negotiate efficiently, and maybe we can also do some form of economic protection for our own countries," said Le Pen.

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