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Martin Lewis reveals shocking reason why car insurance prices can rise after…

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Martin Lewis reveals shocking reason why car insurance prices can rise after...

Martin Lewis, 47, explained why it is more expensive to have an insurance policy in the name of a driver, who can see prices soar when a second driver is taken out of a policy or dies. He was perplexed after hearing how the advice he had previously given on naming second drivers can backfire spectacularly in some situations.

Martin added: "What clearly happened here, frankly, your husband was a good low-risk driver and, as he is no longer insured, the average risk is greater."

The cash expert then praised car insurance company DirectLine after it was reminded that the driver managed to keep his policy for the same price of £ 311.

However, he claimed that looking for a better policy is always the best solution to prevent auto insurance companies from increasing costs.

He also confirmed that some auto insurance companies may see the inclusion of a daughter in the policy as positive, which could further reduce costs.

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Martin said: "Where this is confusing, while one insurer may see it as a burden for insurance, another insurer may see it as a boom for insurance.

“Different underwriters – who are the people who decide what the risk is – swear in different ways.

“The only way to get around this is trial and error. The right thing to do is to go to a comparison site, try to guarantee for yourself and see what you get and then try to guarantee with Julie and see what you get. "

Martin Lewis previously explained how adding a second, more experienced driver to a policy can reduce premiums.

This is especially true for younger drivers who can see costs drop dramatically after adding their parents or grandparents to the policy.

This is because auto insurance companies will assess that the direction is divided.

As the inexperienced driver is not always behind the wheel, the overall perceived risk is less, which will lead to reduced total costs.

The British Insurance Association said earlier that marital status is one of the main factors observed by insurance companies when setting premiums.

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