Microsoft files patent for carpet for VR

by ace

Microsoft has patented a vibrating floor mat, enabling even more immersive and eye-catching Virtual Reality experiences. The news is on Gizmodo.

The text of the patent registration makes it clear that Virtual Reality can reach the Xbox ecosystem as well: "The computing device can take the form of a console," the document reads. The illustrative images accompanying the patent show an Xbox and Kinect working in conjunction with the Microsoft Reality rug proposed by Microsoft.

The peripheral that Microsoft addresses in this document may be placed on the floor as a safe zone delimiter for RV, to prevent the user from tripping over furniture or hitting a wall. The mat will have markers that are interpreted by the helmet to understand the safety limits. In addition, the mat will include pressure sensors that collect data that can be fed into the experiment and may also provide haptic feedback through vibration, the site describes.

It appears that Microsoft plans to make this carpet available in the form of small tiles, from which you can purchase multiple units and then interconnect to cover as much space as you want.

With glasses and a VR rug, the player could, for example, simulate a walk through the Resident Evil environment. Although the space may at first glance seem small to cover a greater distance than the room where it is installed, this is perfectly possible. It will also be possible for 4 players to have a full immersion experience in a game by exploring several floors of a zombie infested building. Ideas for applying the product that possibly Microsoft will be developing abound.

Launched in 2010, Kinect never really caught the public, and so did Wii.

Source: Gizmodo



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