Millions are Britons are fleeing abroad at Christmas – to avoid the inlaws

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Twenty percent admit they are taking time to escape from their in-laws, with a third opting to spend the Christmas season away from home to escape normalcy. And more than a quarter are chasing the sun choosing sunnier climates – including Spain, Portugal and Italy. Nigel Wolstenholme, head of's consumer brand, said: "Christmas is the perfect time of year to plan a trip, and it's not enough to escape what's happening at home." memories and when better than doing something different at christmas?

"Everyone is in a good mood and work tends to be quiet so you don't have to worry about getting emails again.

"While finding a new place in the UK remains popular, our research has found that many are exploring international travel for Christmas, from a short hop to France and Spain, to long-haul destinations like Thailand and the US." .

The study found that a fifth are going abroad to visit friends, while more than a third are going to spend time with their distant family.

Almost a quarter will travel to another country to experience the festive celebrations of a different culture, with more than a fifth simply wanting to see a new place.

It also emerged that 29% are fed up with British Christmas because it is cold, but it never snows, and a fifth are tired of being "always the same".

And one in 10 doesn't like to stay home at Christmas because they don't like to host the celebratory dinner with all the trimmings.

Another 14% do not feel that they are on holiday when they spend the UK holiday season – even being unemployed – with an equal percentage admitting that they are not fans of our "cheesy traditions".

With an average of seven days to rest, a third time spent outside the UK during Christmas seems more like a "proper" holiday.

The average adult will spend £ 402 on their festive flights, hotels, and car rentals, but more than one in 10 will spend £ 1,000 or more.

More than a third of respondents will rent a car over Christmas – whether at home or abroad – because they have more time to drive, more things to move from place to place and so they can find out and do as much as possible.

The survey, conducted via OnePoll, revealed that 68% would like to go abroad for Christmas in the future, and one in three would consider traveling to another country at this time of year to spend time with family and friends.

But even while staying in the UK, more than nine out of 10 admitted that they still enjoy their holidays at home.'s Nigel Wolstenholme added, "Whether or not you're spending Christmas, renting a car can be a great way to make life easier – and more exciting.

"In addition to giving you the freedom to explore wherever you go, driving a different car is part of the adventure – and sometimes you need more space when you have friends and family in tow."



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