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Molly Sims Has Seriously Great Advice on Jewelry Layering

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Molly Sims Has Seriously Great Advice on Jewelry Layering

Molly Sims and husband Scott Stuber at the premiere of "The Irishman" in New York on September 27, 2019. Kristina Bumphrey / StarPix / Shutterstock

Molly Sims is about layers of jewelry. Whether on a red carpet, spending time with family or enjoying a night out with your husband, Scott Stuber, you can expect Sims to assemble their necklaces, bracelets, rings and more.

Now you can get one of her favorite pieces from her collection thanks to the limited edition necklaces she created with Erees Beyda from Shylee Rose Jewelry.

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"I've been wearing Erees jewelry for years and she has a heart necklace that I would wear and got a lot of compliments. We decided to take a walk around the heart and made three different designs. One is 14k solid gold, one and 14k solid gold with a single diamond and the third is 14k solid gold with diamonds on the edge”She tells Stylish.

"I wear mine everywhere and I literally don't shoot it.… Some people may not wear the diamond rim in a coffee race and save it for a special occasion, but I know some women who would wear the diamond necklace to practice football …. Everyone can work for a different type of woman or man. We wish everyone could use it, not just one type of person, "she explains.

As for your own style of jewelry: "I'd say it's different. It's not your normal jewelry that you see everywhere. I like to find unique pieces that you don't find in the downtown jewelry district. I'm a piece of jewelry." statement, "reveals the supermodel.

Molly Sims Layered JewelryMolly Sims wearing the MS x SRJ necklace at a Los Angeles screening of "The Two Popes" on November 28, 2019. Michael Buckner / Variety / Shutterstock

One of the featured items she's interested in? "I'm a big-hearted girl. Anyone who knows me knows Mom loves a heart. I don't know what it is, but it makes me happy. Hearts symbolize love. And who doesn't love love?"

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When it comes to jewelry "rules", the mother of three does not follow strict guidelines and relies on the motto "the more the merrier."

"I guess we never just took a look at jewelry. I always need an earring or a necklace. … I'm all about mixing metals. Makes it look cooler and less" # 39; ; ", she teaches.

Another professional tip, she says: "Don't be afraid to stack your neck and your arm.… However, Rachel Zoe taught me a great trick at the time and told me that if I'm going to do a pile of arms, just do one arm. Don't go crazy with both of them, it's too much. "

In addition to completing an overall look, the businesswoman also loves accessories because of the way she makes her feel.

"If you're getting jewelry, you'll always remember it and who gave it to you and when. There's something about jewelry that holds a special feeling," says the author of Everyday Supermodel.

Molly Sims Layered JewelryMolly Sims shows off her engagement ring. Jim Smeal / EIB / Shutterstock

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“I have a charm necklace I've been collecting for about 20 years. When my husband and I started dating, he bought some charms that I love, appreciate and use to this day. … He also bought me a tiny gold choker in South Africa that I cherish forever. I also love my engagement ring, obviously. I almost fainted when he knelt down and put him on, ”she exclaims.

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