MWC 2020 canceled !!

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MWC 2020 canceled !!

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It ended up happening, some people already feared it. The largest mobile phone congress in the world was canceled due to the coronavirus.

This decision by the GSMA follows the decision of several companies to cancel their presence at the event.

MWC 2020 canceled !!

Bloomberg shared that GSMA CEO John Hoffman said the virus made it impossible to host the event. Thus, the event would take place on February 24 in the city of Barcelona.

The coronavirus has so far infected around 42,000 people and deaths are estimated at more than 1000. The majority of people infected and reported deaths are in and around Wuhan (province of China). There is also a report from 25 countries where the virus has been confirmed.

The GSMA tried to join forces to create preventive measures, such as not allowing people to shake hands with each other (when shaking hands), especially to people from the most affected area in China.

For those who do not know what the GSMA is, it is an association that represents more than 1200 companies across the mobile telecommunications ecosystem. MWC is the opportunity for millions of people to make partnerships, agreements and even product launches (this event brings great business opportunities). When carrying out the MWC, the economic impact, especially in the place where it is carried out. The impact is around 492 million euros and manages to generate around 14,100 part-time jobs. This event really touches many people and many aspects.

This year China was expected to have a large presence. Unfortunately LG canceled, as well as ZTE and Ericsson. Other companies such as Nvidia, Intel, Vivo, Sony and NTT also canceled their presence at the event that was canceled.

We have to wait until the event can take place later.

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