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Nest WiFi, Google's next-generation router

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Google's WiFi router is one of Google's lesser known products. But for those who don't know, it's been a while since Google launched the first version of the Google WiFi router.

And yet, without much popularity, it is preparing to launch next-generation Google WiFi with some major changes, possibly for an October 15 launch along with the new Pixel phones.

Just like the upcoming Google Home Mini and probably its future home products, Google is making the mark of Google Home for Nest. Google's next-generation WiFi router will apparently be called Nest WiFi.


According to 9to5Google, the next-generation router will introduce some major changes in the way it works. Google will offer the “main” router, along with some smaller headlights that work with the main router, such as Amazon's Eero mesh home routers.

And these new smaller beacons will have built-in Google Assistant support. Along with the common features of the Assistant, Nest WiFi flags feature some WiFi-specific features, such as being able to pause the Internet in certain rooms or to specific devices with your voice.

However, the main router part of the new Nest WiFi system does not include Wizard support. Google is also introducing an updated design with Nest WiFi that will allow routers to fit your home much better than before, and Google plans to offer three different colors to help you choose the one that best fits the vibration of your home. your rooms.

And if you already have the Google WiFi system, which I think is a bit difficult to come by, apparently you can use products from the new Nest WiFi line with your existing routers, which sounds like a really good deal.


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