New "Leak" from Resident Evil 8 revealed even more content!

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New "Leak" from Resident Evil 8 revealed even more content!

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Another day, another rumor! This time about the long-awaited Resident Evil 8. Which is said to have the main character of Resident Evil 7. It looks like Ethan.

Thus, although in the previous game in the series, Ethan did not have as much prominence as most players intended. It seems that the main objective of Resident Evil 8 is to correct this error, by delving a little deeper into the story of this character.

But after all, what content has been revealed about Resident Evil 8?

First, we learned that Resident Evil 8 will not have a number at the end of the title, but a sentence. What's the phrase? We don't have any ideas yet.

In addition, unlike Remakes 2 and 3 in the series, this will be a first-person experience. Which even makes some sense, considering that Capcom wants to pick up where it was before the popular ‘remakes’.

Thus, Resident Evil 8 will have several different environments that should vary between a village, a castle and even some open, open land, mountainous and with snow. Which in a way ends up reminding the old Resident Evil 4.

However, at the level of Zombies mode, it is important to remember that we are going to welcome the wolves. They will be, after all, faithful companions of the classic zombies, always ready to hunt the players. Well, it's my friends … The man's best friend is the dog. But the zombie's best friend is the wolf!

Resident Evil 8 content

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In short, it seems that in addition to all this new content, there are also many other characters that we know so well, including Chris Redfield! But we will really have to wait for more news on this subject.

Did you like what you read? What do you think of this new content for Resident Evil 8? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.


The new "Leak" news from Resident Evil 8 revealed even more content! first appeared on Leak.

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