New video on the Surface Duo with Android

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New video on the Surface Duo with Android

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Microsoft started (publicly) demonstrating Android on its Surface Duo device since last month. Despite this, the company has not yet shown all the definitions of the software that will be part of this equipment with two screens. It turns out that someone managed to publish a video where you can see some more features of the software that the company had not yet demonstrated.

The video can be seen on Twitter, through the user WalkingCat. In the video we can see a part of the screen inside and some notifications. Notifications will appear on the right side of the screen so it’s easy to see what they are and also delete them without having to open the Surface Duo completely.

We can also see the calls we are receiving, which allows us to open the Surface Duo completely if we want to answer it (which makes us think that if we close it, we will cancel the call, will it?). It is obvious that Microsoft chose not to place a third screen on the outside of the equipment, as Samsung did with the Galaxy Fold and the Galaxay Z Flip.

We believe that Microsoft will reveal more about this device (the Surface Duo) and also the Surface Neo dual screen at the conference that the company will do in May. Microsoft recently demonstrated Android on the Surface Duo and gave us a first look at the Windows 10X operating system, which will give great strength to the Surface Neo hardware. The company also revealed its vision with regard to dual-screen equipment with Android and Windows 10X and is encouraging products to get applications (and that they are ready) for the launch of the equipment (later this year).

We share here the link of that video on Twitter for those who want to see it.

– WalkingCat (@ h0x0d) February 26, 2020

Source: The Verge

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