New Witcher? CD Projekt RED is ready to continue the saga!

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New Witcher? CD Projekt RED is ready to continue the saga!

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We are all very much looking forward to the release of Cyberpunk 2077 (despite its postponement). That said, even considering that the game is not yet complete, the CEO of CD Projekt RED has already admitted that the next project will really be a new game in the The Witcher series.

So, we only know that all the information revealed about this new game came from an interview with Adam Kiciński. Which revealed to us some of his ideas for the next project.

New game in The Witcher series? What information has already been revealed?

New Witcher? CD Projekt RED is ready to continue the saga!

Therefore, it was revealed by the CEO of CD Projekt RED that there is already a clear concept regarding the Single Player experience of the game. And contrary to what many thought, the title of this new game will not be The Witcher 4. Which may indicate that the history of the series may be taken in different ways this time.

That said, we think that the next game related to The Witcher series may be a prequel to everything that has been presented to us in recent games. That is, a story set before the first game The Witcher. Which honestly would be really interesting.

Thus, two small teams are already preparing this new title. The main teams in the studio are still working hard on Cyberpunk 2077 and its Multiplayer mode. So it's still too early to speculate on some sort of future release date.

new game The Witcher

In short, all the chances are still open about how this new game from The Witcher series will be for sure. As such, we will have to continue to speculate whether this new story will in fact be a pre-sequence. Or it will include once again the characters already well known by everyone and who are present in all previous games.

However, until then, make the most of Cyberpunk 2077 which, as we mentioned above, will be released around September.


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