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Newly released documents shed light on Trump-Mueller meeting

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Newly released documents shed light on Trump-Mueller meeting

Old special advice Robert Mueller He had withdrawn from the race to be director of the FBI when he met President Donald Trump about the job, former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein told federal investigators.

Rosenstein's interview notes on May 23, 2017 were made public on Monday as a result of a court decision in BuzzFeed News Freedom of Information Act against the Justice Department.

The document sheds new light on the circumstances of Trump's meeting on May 16, 2017 with Mueller in the Oval Office. Trump said Mueller had applied for the suddenly vacant job of director of the FBI at that meeting and turned him down. The next day, Mueller was appointed special adviser investigating the links between Trump's campaign and Russian interference in the 2016 elections.

In the interview, according to notes published by BuzzFeed News, Rosenstein described feeling "angry, embarrassed, horrified and ashamed" at the way the abrupt resignation of then-FBI Director James Comey on May 9, 2017 was treated. "It was also humiliating for Comey," the interviewers told Rosenstein.

Rosenstein said he spoke to Mueller, a former FBI director, about becoming a special lawyer the next day.

He had a separate conversation with Mueller and then Attorney General Jeff Sessions on May 13 to see if Mueller would be interested in returning to his former job as director, the notes say.

"Mueller said he did not want to be interviewed for the position of FBI director," but told them his views on "what should be done with the FBI," the document said. "The sessions found Mueller's comments" brilliant "," said Rosenstein.

"However, Mueller was placed on the White House list of potential candidates for FBI director," the notes said. "Mueller was interviewed for the post of FBI director, but later decided to withdraw from consideration," the notes said.

He was officially appointed special advisor on May 17.

Trump, who often criticized Mueller's investigation as a "witch hunt," used the Oval Office meeting to suggest that Mueller had a conflict of interest – and that he was lying about their conversation.

"It has been reported that Robert Mueller is saying that he did not apply or be interviewed for the position of FBI director (and was declined) the day before he was improperly appointed as Special Advisor," Trump tweeted in July.ahead of Mueller's testimony in Congress. "I hope he doesn't say that under oath as we have countless witnesses to the interview, including the vice president of the United States!"

Muellerwitnessed under oath That wasn't a job interview. "I interviewed the president, it was about work, but it wasn't about me running for office," he added.

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