News about the PlayStation 5 seems to give the new Xbox the edge!

by ace

News about the PlayStation 5 seems to give the new Xbox the edge! It's easy to say that all players are excited about what the new generation of consoles will bring to the table. But perhaps more important than that, is which console is most likely to win the next war…

Apparently, Microsoft just got its hands on a big advantage.

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Therefore, Xbox Scarlett already has a release date set for August / September 2020. By which time PlayStation 5 is also expected to hit the market! So with about 12 months separating the present from the launch of the new consoles… Sony has just suffered a very significant drop in its ranks.

After all, Worldwide Studios president Shawn Layden has decided to step down. Now read the latest Tweet from Sony:

“It is with great emotion that I announce the departure of SIE President Shawn Layden. Your visionary leadership will miss you. We wish you every success in your future adventures, and we are very grateful for all your work. Thanks for everything Shawn! ”

Therefore, Shaw Layden's replacement will not only have to be responsible for the launch of the PlayStation 5, but will also have to launch under his wing the release of some super important games like The Last of Us: Part II, Ghost of Tsushima and Death stranding.

So it's easy to come to the conclusion that we are facing a window of opportunity for Microsoft and its new Xbox Scarlett!

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In fact, we should look at the first steps to take advantage of the situation at event X019, where Microsoft should reveal some more details about its new console.

It should be now that we will see all the work that Phil Spencer has done in recent years. After all, under his reign, Microsoft has made a huge investment in the purchase of studios and services that have been acclaimed by fans of the video game world. And apparently this was just the beginning of a strategy designed just to rob Sony of market dominance.

News about the PlayStation 5 seems to give the new Xbox the edge! "Besides, what do you think about all this?" Share with us your opinion in the comments below.



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