Official Overwatch Championship? It will be held in South Korea!

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Official Overwatch Championship? It will be held in South Korea!

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There is a theme that in recent days has dominated all newspapers around the world. I speak in concrete of the much feared Coronavirus. In practice it has affected not only the technological sector, due to the delay in the manufacture of the products, but also the official competitions of video games such as the case of the Overwatch championship.

That said, we know that Overwatch has seen its league canceled in China due to the outbreak that is being felt. And as there is a great fear of contagion, Blizzard even decided to change the place where the competition for South Korea would take place.

Overwatch League will run normally! Only with the difference that it will be in a different country!

Blizzard had canceled the league indefinitely while the Coronavirus outbreak was making itself felt. However, taking into account that a month has passed since the first case, and there is still no cure for the disease, it was decided that the league would move to the city of Seoul in South Korea.

So, although there are still no fixed times for the start of games, it is good news to know that the Overwatch championship still stands. And given that the league has already started in South Korea, all information about the league is expected to be revealed very soon.

Overwatch Championship

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That said, Blizzard still hopes that things will resolve quickly and that the Coronavirus outbreak will be brought under control very soon. And proof of that, is the fact that the studio only scheduled the sixth and seventh week of games to take place in Seoul. The rest of the season remains unchanged.

Did you like what you read? Do you think Blizzard did well to move the overwatch championship from China to South Korea? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.


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