Oil hits turtle nesting site in Espírito Santo

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Oil fragments were found this Sunday (10), on the beach of Pontal do Ipiranga, in the city of Linhares (ES), where there is a base of the Tamar Project. It is the second locality of Espírito Santo hit by the product in the last four days.

On Thursday (7), small fragments of oil were collected at Guriri Beach, in São Mateus (ES), about 85 kilometers north of Linhares. After having spread to the nine northeastern states (Alagoas, Bahia, Ceará, Maranhão, Paraiba, Pernambuco, Piaui, Rio Grande do Norte and Sergipe), the product of origin still unknown advance through the Southeast region towards the south. The state capital, Vitória, is about 170 kilometers from Pontal do Ipiranga.

According to the Navy, analyzes of the substance collected four days ago in São Mateus confirmed that it is the same oil that hit beaches, mangroves, sea shores, river mouths and other Northeastern coastal habitats.

On the beach of Pontal do Ipiranga, reached today, is a base of the Tamar Project, dedicated to the research, protection and management of endangered sea turtles.

The Tamar website states that "in the region characterized by reasonably well-maintained restinga forest" monitored and protected, on average, about 200 nesting nest of loggerhead turtles (Caretta caretta), whose females annually seek the region to build the bed where they lay their eggs.

"We are in the reproductive season, which runs until March," said biologist responsible for the base, Ciro Jardel Bergamo, the Brazil Agency. "We already have 206 loggerhead nests already mapped along the 43 kilometers of beach. In addition to a confirmed giant tortoise spawning, which indicates that around 80 giant tortoises are about to be born." added Bergamo.

According to the biologist, at least 60 Navy soldiers and 15 Ibama servants are already in place to try to clear the beach, but the small fragments keep coming.

"They are small platelets of 3 centimeters, four centimeters, which hit a long stretch of sand. The risk is that females bury their eggs along with the product that mixed with the sand. Or that, if the beach is not totally clean, the pups, when born and trying to reach the sea, have contact with the oil ", says Bergamo, regretting a new tragedy for the capixaba coast four years after the Fundão dam rupture, Samarco, in November 2015, which launched thousands of tons of toxic waste over the Bento Rodrigues district in Mariana, central Minas Gerais, reached the Doce River and reached the Atlantic Ocean.

"The coast of Espírito Santo is being punished. Especially the spawning points of the turtles. We were still under the effect of the breach of the Fundão dam and now this," said the biologist.

Before the first traces of oil were found on the beach, Linhares City Hall and the Fire Department set up the Operations Command System to deal with the situation. One of the first preventive measures adopted, still on Friday (8), was the blockade of the mouth of the Rio Doce, in Regency.

According to the city, the objective is to prevent the polluting material from reaching and contaminating the estuary of the region. "Containment of the mouth is necessary to prevent waste from leaving the sea and reaching the river, contaminating the estuary," Fabrício Borghi Folli, the municipal secretary of the environment, said in a statement.

The state government also announced, on Wednesday (6), that 13 agencies will act in an integrated manner to minimize the impacts of the arrival of oil to the state coast.

According to information from Ibama, to date, 466 locations in 107 municipalities have been reached.

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