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The 21 days spent sailing between the United States and Europe do not seem to have discouraged Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, 16. The teenager landed in Lisbon on Tuesday (3) sending a message to authorities around the world: "No country is doing enough about climate change, "she said.

The Portuguese capital was the gateway of the young woman on the return to the European continent after a season in the USA. From here she leaves for Spain, where she will be one of the highlights of the COP-25 (UN World Climate Conference) in Madrid.

“We are going to the COP-25 in Madrid and we will continue the fight there to make sure that within those walls people's voices are heard,” Greta said shortly after landing.

“Me and the other climate activists are not going to stop. We will continue to travel, we will continue to put pressure on people with power in the world to ensure that they prioritize the environment, ”he said.

Greta Thunberg said she hoped that during the climate conference, those in power will "listen to the scientists" and "understand the emergence of the situation."

"Those in power have to listen to science. It is not for us children and adolescents to come up with any kind of plan," he said.

Asked about attempts to criminalize environmental activists – as a statement without evidence that actor Leonardo di Caprio was linked to fires in the Amazon– The young woman said that this type of behavior is the biggest proof that the work of these individuals is working.


“It is not exactly advisable to cross the Atlantic at this time of year. It was a very adventurous trip, ”said Riley Whitelum, commander of the La Vagabonde catamaran, which transported Greta to Europe.

The option to travel by sea happened for environmental reasons. The Swedish activist is not flying because of fuel pollution from aircraft.

While in Europe Greta can easily move by train, it was necessary to find alternatives that would allow it to leave the continent. In September, she landed in New York for a United Nations environment meeting aboard an eco-friendly boat friendly.

The return to Europe eventually needed to be advanced due to changes in COP-25. The conference should have been held in Chile, but was transferred to Madrid less than two months in advance due to protests in the South American country.

Asked about their travel choicesNotoriously expensive and inaccessible to most of the population, the activist said she didn't want to impose her choices on anyone.

"I'm not traveling this way because I want everyone to do it, but it's to convey a message that sustainability is possible. There are possible alternatives, I'm not telling anyone what to do," he said.

Greta said he took the time offshore to rest and recharge before resuming the COP-25 agenda.

The teenager was greeted by hundreds of people, including many young activists, still at the docks where the catamaran docked. Due to the low tide and the unfavorable wind, the arrival was delayed about four hours.

On the welcoming committee, many carried posters against air travel or with requests for climate justice. Several messages also warned of the situation in the Amazon rainforest.

Greta decided to postpone the departure to Madrid, which was due to take place on Tuesday night, and to stay at least two days in Lisbon. She says, however, that she will be present at the climate march of the Spanish capital next Friday.

The activist gained notoriety precisely for joining a voluntary strike of her school classes every Friday in protest against climate change.

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