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PC market had a year of growth after almost 10 years to fall!

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PC market had a year of growth after almost 10 years to fall!

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The PC market has shown signs of growth again after 8 long years of decline! This according to the IDC and Gartner agencies.

After all, according to IDC, the market rose 2.7% to anything like 266.7 million pieces of equipment shipped to stores. However, Gartner appears to be less optimistic, suggesting a 0.6% rise to 261.2 million handsets.

So after 2018 we had a positive first quarter after 6 years of negative results, 2019 was the year we really had a good climb in the PC world!

PC market had a year of growth after almost 10 years to fall!

So despite Gartner and IDC agreeing on the growth trend. They decided to tell things differently. In the end, both feature desktops, laptops and hybrid tablets. However, Gartner does not sell Chromebooks.

That said, both agencies cite the end of support for Windows 7, and later upgrade of machines to Windows 10 as one of the major reasons for this growth. In the end, we have to take into account all the companies that were at heart 'forced' to upgrade their machines due to the end of old Windows 7 support.

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However, this upgrade phenomenon will not last forever…

So while new technologies like 5G, and folding screen laptops can really be the future. The truth is that these technologies are still far from reaching the masses. Therefore, the immediate future may indeed be negative again.

In addition, we can also talk about ending Windows 8 support for a new wave of updates! But the truth is that unlike Windows 7, this operating system has never been very popular. It will therefore be totally unable to help a new growth trend.

Not all was good for the PC market in 2019!

Interestingly, Gartner pointed a finger at Intel because of the many component production and supply issues. Stating that if AMD had not raised performance levels, the PC market could have been in bad shape. Not surprisingly, as several notebook and desktop PC manufacturers have blamed Intel for falling revenues at recent investor meetings (eg Lenovo, HP, and Dell).

Besides, what do you think about all this? Share with us your opinion in the comments below.

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