PC vs Consoles – Who wins the 'old' gaming war?

by ace

PC vs Consoles – Who wins the 'old' gaming war? – This is one of the oldest issues in the video game community! In fact, it often gives rise to genuine pitched battles, with both sides defending their ideals.

That said, the thing is summarized quite simply… Consoles are extremely cheaper compared to PC (PC dependent), offering a very similar gaming experience with access to games that often won't even reach the world of Computers

And now they ask, if they happen to follow what I write every day on… What's up with you Nuno? Aren't you a PC guy from #PCMasterRace !? My friends, of course I am, but here we will discuss this old war in a simple and super straightforward way.

Editor's Note: After all, a Gamer is always a Gamer, whatever your platform.

Therefore, it is our mission to inform you in the best way so that you can make the best decision for your specific case. What matters is playing!

PC vs Consoles -> Because consoles offer a similar gaming experience, are they the right choice for any player? Of course not!

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So the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are really much cheaper than the PC, for a well-defined set of purposes! Where we can include playing more focused titles in this world, serving as Streaming Box and of course Blu-Ray player.

But why this price difference between the consoles and the PC?

Quite simply, console manufacturers sell their hardware at cost price, or even below cost of production. In order to sell the hardware in bulk and later make money on services and software sales. In short, a console is a great hardware deal, but terrible when it comes to software.

PC vs Consoles – The PC is a much more complete machine!

The reality is very simple, a PC can do much more than a console, there is no going back.

You can play on a growing list, many of which also exist in the console world. By the way, you can even play many of the games coming out every month for consoles, with much higher graphic quality! After all, 4K, or 1440p @ 144Hz is a reality if you have a good PC. Which could make all the difference within the game.

In addition, you can also install a multitude of programs to consume content or even create content of your own. These capabilities allow you to get more value out of money spent on the machine, which in turn slightly dilutes the starting price of a good PC. (Not to mention the amount of completely free programs you'll have access to, where of course we can include several games.)

A PC can be updated! However, a console will always be what you bought on day 1.PC "width =" 750 "height =" 610 "srcset =",ret_img,w_750/ /01/montagem-pc-e1532119005739-1.jpg 750w,,ret_img,w_92/ 01 / assembly-pc-e1532119005739-1-92x75.jpg 92w,,ret_img,w_350/ /01/montagem-pc-e1532119005739-1-350x285.jpg 350w,,ret_img,w_696/ 2019/01 / assembly-pc-e1532119005739-1-696x566.jpg 696w,,ret_img,w_516/ /2019/01/assembly-pc-e1532119005739-1-516x420.jpg 516w "data-sizes =" (max-width: 750px) 100vw, 750px

On top of all this, a PC can be upgraded without major problems, unless you have a laptop or a Mac. So if you happen to build a root PC, you can upgrade almost every component later, as you see fit! That is, if you need more computing power, you can change the CPU. If you need to increase the graphics power, just change the graphics card.

Of course there are things to watch out for, such as compatibility between components. For example, if you want to switch to a more modern CPU, you may also need to change the motherboard. (Which may bring more water in the nozzle, like changing RAM, among other things)

In short, you can make some changes to your PC over time, which will allow you to maintain an authentic top gaming machine for many long months / years. So if you are between these two options, consider what you need besides playing on a console? Will it make use of the full potential of a PC? Want to have better graphics? Or do you simply want to turn on the console and sit on the living room couch?

PC vs Consoles – Besides, what do you think about all this? Share with us your opinion in the comments below.



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