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PlayStation 5 release games won't make it to PS4!

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Despite all the rumors of the past that suggested the release of several crossgen titles at the beginning of the PlayStation 5 cycle, it seems that the old lady PS4 is really going to suck on her finger.

PlayStation 5 release games won't make it to PS4

So in the latest Kotaku SplitScreen podcast, well-known Jason Schreier talked a little bit about the next generation of consoles, especially about their launch games.

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Stating that according to everything you've heard from your sources within the industry, PlayStation 5 release games will be exclusive to the next-generation console. That is, contrary to what was said a few months ago… Although Sony wants to keep the PS4 alive for some time, none of the new titles will reach the old console.

So what about Microsoft? What is Sony's big rival's plan?

In Microsoft's case, Jason Schreier has admitted that he has no idea of ​​the plans of Xbox giant Scarlett. However, in his personal opinion, Microsoft should bet on games that will come to the new console, but also the PC and Xbox One, as is the example of Halo Infinite.

Besides, what do you think about all this? Share with us your opinion in the comments below.


Beware PS5! Microsoft has two new generation Xbox consoles

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Much has been said about Microsoft's plans for 2020, with several rumors and contradictory leaks. However, it seems that the idea is to actually launch two new generation Xbox consoles in 2020, one "Budget" and another "Premium".

In what will most likely be a tremendous all-in to pull Sony off the throne of the video game market!

Two new generation Xbox consoles? Everything to put Sony's PlayStation 5 in your pocket in the next console war!

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