Pokémon Go: How many Raid Hours will there be in October?

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Given that every month there is at least one new legendary Pokémon for players to try to catch. Eventually created a Raid Hour where the Pokémon always appears as if it was something marked on the calendar, in several different gyms.

However, this Raid Hour only happens once for each Pokémon! Still, according to the latest statement from Niantic, it looks like we will have more than just a special time during this October. But we will explain everything else below.

After all, how many Raid Hours will there be during this month?

Pokémon Go: How many Raid Hours will there be in October?

This month's Raid Hours will all start at the same time, from 6 pm to 7 pm. And they will all be five stars, because the Pokémon that will be present will all be legendary.

So on October 2, 9 and 16 we will have in the Raid Hours the fearsome Giratina. And watch out, because this could be the last chance to catch this legendary Pokémon. So the best thing is to be aware of the dates.

In addition, on October 23rd and 30th we will have the Raid Hour of an unannounced Pokémon. But that however, should be the one that will replace Giratina. That is, it looks like we'll have a new legendary Pokémon on the way.

Raid Hours

Finally, on October 8th we will finally have the Mewtwo Raid Hour. Which was postponed due to some technical issues on the part of Niantic. And just like Giratina, this could also be the last chance to capture this legendary Pokémon.

News about the PlayStation 5 seems to give the new Xbox the edge!

In short, if you happen to want to capture some of these Pokémon, it is best to set the date and time with some friends already. Because as we mentioned in previous news, it is impossible to capture a legendary Pokémon alone.

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