Pokémon Go: We already have a new event available!

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According to what was revealed by Niantic, it looks like a new Pokémon event is about to arrive. Which in turn will allow players to not only find some new Shiny's, but also earn some unique Pokémon from the region in their eggs.

This event was announced after the studio was able to partner with the United Nations World Tourism Organization. Therefore, it would be expected that this event would also bring new Pokémon to different areas of the globe. But we will explain everything else below.

After all, what event is this from Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go: We already have a new event available!

As we said above, with this event it will be possible to win Pokémon in our eggs that do not belong to the region in which we operate. That is, a player from the United States can now capture a Pansear if the Pokémon is in an egg from Europe.

In addition and since we talk about Europe, Niantic has revealed some news about Mr. Mime. Which apparently players will now be able to catch the first evolution of this Pokémon, which is nothing less than Mime Jr.

But here's the Pokémon that might be in the eggs during the event:

  • Farfetch'd (Asia)
  • Kangaskhan (Australia)
  • Tauros (North America)
  • Heracross (North America)
  • Corsola (South America, Africa, Asia, Australia)
  • Volbeat (Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe)
  • Illumise (North America, South America)
  • Torkoal (Asia)
  • Zangoose (East)
  • Seviper (West)
  • Lunatone (East)
  • Solrock (West)
  • Tropius (Africa, Mediterranean)
  • Relicanth (New Zealand)
  • Pachirisu (Alaska, Canada, Russia)
  • Mime Jr. (Europe)
  • Chatot (Southern Hemisphere)
  • Pansage (Asia Pacific)
  • Pansear (Europe, Middle East, Africa, India)
  • Panpour (Americas)
  • Heatmor (West)
  • Durant (East)

Microsoft xCloud beta starts in October (In some regions)

Which Shiny Pokémon are we going to catch during the new event?

New event

Event that is event could not fail to have Pokémon with new Shiny shapes!

And as this time couldn't be any different, Niantic reports that the Seviper and Zangoose Pokémon will appear in their respective Shiny form regions. So you certainly won't want to miss the opportunity to catch these Pokémon with this rare version.

In addition, if you happen to decide to trade Pokemon with friends, the price you pay for them will also be lower. This is because during the event all exchanges will cost less Stardust than normal.

In short, the event is already available on Pokémon Go, so it's best to start looking for Shiny Pokémon before it's too late.

Besides, what do you think about all this? Share with us your opinion in the comments below.




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