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Pokémon Go: What is the best way to defeat the legendary Terrakion?

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Terrakion started appearing on Pokémon Rais on November 27 and becomes available until December 17. However, as might be expected, this Pokémon is not easy to defeat! And as such we will reveal which Pokémon are the best against this legendary and which are the most effective attacks.

After all, which Pokémon is this and how can we defeat it?

Pokémon Go: What is the best way to defeat the legendary Terrakion?

Like Cobalion, Terrakion is also part of the fifth-season Swords of Justice trio of Pokémon Black and White. Which also makes him one of the strongest Pokémon ever.

However, just like any other animal, this legendary one also has some weaknesses. Because his special attacks are Fighting and Rock attacks, this makes him weak against grass, water, psychic and Fairy attacks. So you can use Pokémon like Rhyperior, Gardevoir or even Machamp to easily defeat him.

Apart from Terrakion Raids, what other surprises can we expect from Pokémon Go?


In addition to these raids, players will also be entitled to a new event called “family-themed Pokemon”. Which will allow players to trade Pokémon for half of Stardust, and make Nidoran appear more often.

So if you've always wanted to have Nidoran's latest evolution, this may be the perfect opportunity to do so. After all, this new event looks more like a Comunity Day.

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In short, start preparing Terrakion Raids now and remember that it is impossible to do it yourself. So call some friends and do not miss the opportunity to capture this legendary Pokémon so strong.

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