Pokemon Sword and Shield: What will be revealed in Livestream 24h?

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Whenever a new Pokémon game is announced, information and revelations about the new title are always gradually revealed by The Pokemon Company. However, it seems that with Pokémon Sword and Shield the method will be slightly different.

This is because it is still somewhat of a surprise, a 24h Livestream has been announced that will take place on the 4th of October. And according to the studio, a lot of new information about the game will be revealed. But we will explain everything else below.

After all, what new information about the game will be revealed?

Pokemon Sword and Shield: What will be revealed in Livestream 24h?

As revealed by The Pokémon Company, Livestream will essentially be set in a forest called Glimwood Triangle. Which lies in the region of Galar.

But here's what was said in a statement:

“This will be your chance to meet the various Pokémon that reside in this forest. And believe me you can see things that will really surprise you. ”

So while the announcement was not enlightening enough, we came to understand the essentials. That is, a series of new Pokémon will be introduced that players will have the opportunity to mingle and capture whenever they pass through that forest in Sword and Shield.

Sword and shield

However, we think that for a 24h Livestram the content turns out to be very little. After all, we will only accompany Professor Magnolia's granddaughter Sonia on a trip through the forest clearing.

Of course we will see some new Pokemon, in case Sonia gets attacked until we can see some new powers. But we still think it's little.

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In short, if you happen to be looking forward to buying the Sword and Shield Pokémon, then you certainly won't want to miss out on this 24-hour Livestream coming October 4th.

Did you like what you read? What do you think about this Livestream? Comment with us your opinion in the comments below.


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