Porsche Taycan: Electric car offers 450 km of range

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Porsche Taycan: Electric car offers 450 km of range but has an astronomical price!

For a long time, Porsche has been throwing clues about the arrival of its first electric car, the Porsche Taycan. During an event held in the United States, the much anticipated Taycan was finally presented and managed to surprise everyone and everything in many ways.

In terms of their design, they managed to keep all the traditional lines of Porsche super sports cars, looking extremely beautiful. In addition, they also achieved a surprising balance between power and range, guaranteeing up to 450 km of range.

Astronomical price is Porsche Taycan’s “Achilles heel”

Since we are talking about a Porsche car, you certainly did not expect a ‘budget’ price for your first electric car. However, the information revealed during the presentation eventually left many fans of the manufacturer disappointed.

In recent times there has been the talk of the possibility of launching a base version with a price of around 80 thousand euros, while the performance version could cost up to 125 thousand euros.

However, only the “high-end” version, which starts at 135,000 euros, was revealed.

More specifically, the model exposed during its presentation comes equipped with several extras, which ultimately raises its price to an astronomical € 1633,000.

Although not officially revealed, it is believed that in the near future, Porsche will eventually launch a more affordable model of the Taycan as well.

Porsche Taycan main features:

  • up to 450 km of range
  • 93.4 kWh battery
  • Charging peak at 270 kW
  • Two-speed transmission
  • 2.8 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h
  • Top speed of 260 km / h
  • Peak power at 560 kW
  • Porsche Taycan roadtest


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