Price of RAM May Rise Thanks to Samsung Errors

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As you may know, Samsung is one of the largest manufacturers of DRAM memory chips, which in turn give rise to various products such as smartphones, smartwatches, consoles and of course, the DDR4 RAM modules we use in our PCs or Laptops.

That said, the price of RAM has been falling since 2018… Something that may be about to end due to several crass South Korean giant errors in its development labs.

Price of RAM May Rise Thanks to Samsung Errors

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So the mistakes we are talking about here are contamination of the 'cleanroom' where all the tools needed to produce DRAM chips are usually. Due to this, the 200mm wafers were infected, resulting in a loss of several million dollars by Samsung.

These rooms are essential for semiconductor production because they keep all pollutants away from silicon. Thus, products remain clean and ready for use on production lines.

However, Samsung was unable to keep the ‘Rooms Clean’… Clean! (Sorry for the pun) At your DRAM chip factory that currently works with 1x nm-class 200mm wafers. That is, the tools have become contaminated, and as a result of this, the end product is now trash.

Samsung itself has already made it public to admit that it has lost several billion Wons. (A few million dollars). However, the company warrants that the impact on the DRAM market will not be significant, as production has already returned to normal volume and the problem has already been resolved.

Will this loss of money fall into the pockets of consumers? Maybe not! But who knows? Usually, when something happens, we pay for the mistakes.

Besides, what do you think about all this? Share with us your opinion in the comments below.


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