PS Plus: October games have finally been revealed!

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After many rumors circulating on the Internet, it was speculated that games like Outlast 2 or even The Smaller Game – Little Nightmares could be on the list of chosen ones and Sony finally tells us which two titles will be free on PS Plus on next October.

So, starting next October 1st, PS Plus users will have the opportunity to get The Last Of Us Remaster and MLB The Show 19 completely free. But we will explain everything else below.

After all, what games are these?

In our sincerest opinion, these are not exactly the games we would like to see in this month's Plus. But that even turns out not to be that bad. After all, we will be able to count on a classic, which is none other than The Last Of Us Remaster.

The Last Of Us Remaster

PS Plus: October games have finally been revealed!

Through this title that was released in 2014, players will have to do everything to survive. This is because, about 20 years after a plague completely wiped out most of the population. There are only a few survivors who live as they can in quarantine zones.

However, with each passing day, the difficulties increase and players will have to improvise more and more if they want to survive. But are you ready for this adventure?

MLB The Show 19

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As we mentioned above, this was not at all a title we were expecting to see on PS Plus October. This is because, in fact, we can assume that baseball games are not in much demand for some reason.

However, for all those who enjoy these titles it is important to note that MLB The Show 19 will allow all players to choose to play a number of modes. Among which, the well-known career mode and even Multiplayer.

So challenge your friends to online games, or simply become a star in your career mode. Since it will have all the major baseball leagues in the world available.

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In short, these are the PS Plus games of October. And if you were interested in any of them, you just have to wait until October 1st to install it.

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