PUBG Season 5 has finally been revealed! But what changes?

by ace

Although PUBG's fifth season is still only on the test servers, the studio has decided to reveal to fans what changes will come to the popular game. However, some things may still change until release, so do not take any of this for granted.

What news can we expect in the fifth season of PUBG?

PUBG Mobile Lite

As had already been implemented by Fortnite, PUBG will now deploy some machines in the game. Which in turn will be located at gas stations in Camp Jackal and Miramar, allowing players to purchase energy drinks and some painkillers.

In addition, the WIN94 firearm will now be upgraded and made into an exclusive weapon in the Miramar region. However, melee weapons such as knives or swords will also be available through the fifth season. Giving the player the opportunity to carry several weapons at the same time.

Finally, it was also revealed that in addition to the improved gameplay, the fifth season of the game would also bring some improvements in controls. Making them much more accessible in this way and implementing others that are greatly missed. As is the case with the "Back" button.

fifth season

At the start menu level, the studio has stated that the animation will be changed, just as all season-based games do. In addition, the store interface will also be revamped to provide better accessibility to content.

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In short, these will be all changes that will be implemented with the fifth season in PUBG. (Which we know so far) However, as we mentioned above do not take all of this information for granted. After all, all content is still on the test server, so everything is subject to change.

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