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Qualcomm GPUs Get Driver Updates Through Play Store

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Qualcomm is holding its presentation event in Hawaii and if it has already introduced the new Snapdragon 865, it is still announcing news in the mobile segment, with updated drivers of its GPUs in its processors.

Starting with the Snapdragon 865 and 765 (G), Qualcomm will release driver updates for the GPU through the Google Play Store, which will make it much easier to update smartphone drivers just like any other application on the GPU. your mobile equipment.

A GPU driver update is something computer users are already used to, as GPU manufacturers such as NVIDIA and AMD regularly update their graphics card drivers. These updates include security patches and bug fixes, but most importantly include performance optimizations for newly released games. This is one of the reasons why there are often updates to some GPUs when some major games are released, as the new drivers include performance optimizations for those particular games.

Now what Qualcomm wants to do is bring this experience that was previously seen only on computers, to the mobile world, allowing these patches to improve and optimize the performance of smartphones for certain mobile games, instead of having to. wait for Android system updates that, as we know, don't happen as often as we would like.

Android has been able to update operating system components as drivers individually for a while, but Qualcomm is the first manufacturer to take advantage of this feature.

However, this is not perfect as, unfortunately, Qualcomm leaves it to the device manufacturer to test and send driver updates to their devices. This means that users may not receive driver updates, and if you look at the operating system upgrades made by manufacturers, this may not be of great benefit to most users. But hopefully the manufacturers will do their job.

Updates will also be available only for the newly announced Snapdragon 865 and 765 (G) processors that will be available early next year. All future Qualcomm chipsets will also receive this feature, however none of the “old” models will enjoy this new feature.

Still, as a whole, this is good news for Android devices and hopefully, other processor vendors will also start promoting driver updates separately. Unfortunately, this will still largely depend on the OEMs of the devices and how regularly they decide to send these updates. And the truth is, we don't get a lot of feedback from most manufacturers in this regard.

Source: Android Authority

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